We look after the design concept and communication for the event, as well as the logistical coordination, in France and abroad. GL events, ideas that make the event.


GL events, events organizer

An event is a concept, a venue and a message
Congresses, conventions, stage dressing for venues, product launches...
The events medium is extremely rich and varied. This is also its main quality: its limitless potential to surprise, to renew, and to build relationships and connections with your audiences, customers and networks. GL events has integrated expertise in all the events professions and perfectly understands every aspect of the events market. This means we have a unique capability in terms of creativity, ideas and know-how to ensure the success of your events and the impact of your communication strategy.


Our markets

Corporate events
Every type of congress (science, economics, associations, education, politics, etc.) business conventions, international forums, as well as company events (seminars, incentives, general meetings, public relations, news conferences and product launches).

Major events
International sporting and cultural events, political summits and meetings, institutional events (inaugurations, etc.)


Our expertise

Giving sense to events
GL events proposes events that make genuine sense. This ability to give a clear meaning to events is a direct result of the strong synergies that exist within the Group, between the Events Organisation Division, the Venue Management Division and the Services Division.
GL events highlights the message and sense of the event thanks to its expertise at every level of the events chain: design, drafting of specifications, overall coordination, communication about the event etc.
The Group's comprehensive expertise enables our teams to provide advice with high added value. An in-depth understanding of all the markets and every aspect of the event process, as well as the Group's international presence, make GL events a genuine expert in the events field, capable of responding to every type of requirement, any where in the world.


Our know-how

Creating a genuine marketing and communication strategy. Understanding the objectives, targets and audiences, as well as the brand personalty, its development, positioning and products.

Innovating and designing
Design: search for a concept, definition of the event, its size, its personality and, if necessary, finding a venue.

Organising and producing
Production: coordination, project management, team management, drafting of budgets and schedules, reporting.

Proposal concerning event identity, application scope, production of all the necessary tools and supports, creation of website, video clips, press relations...

Analysing and evaluating
Analysis of impact and feedback, exploitation of files, satisfaction surveys, press book.



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